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Togo, a narrow strip of land on Africa's west coast, has for years been the target of criticism over its human rights record and political governance.

Granted independence from France in 1960, Togo has struggled to build a stable country and economy. 
The country has gained notoriety as a transit point for ivory poached elsewhere in the region. Poaching has risen in recent years across the continent, where well-armed criminal gangs kill elephants for tusks and rhino for their horns, before shipping them to Asia for use in ornaments and supposed medicine.

Togo is one of the world's top five producers of phosphates, which are used in fertilisers, but remains poor and dependent on foreign aid.

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1717 - Books for literacy training

‘Knowledge is power’ is a famous saying that most of us have heard before. This concept that gaining knowledge that nobody can take away is one which is inseparable from empowerment. This is what ADRA Togo along with the local SDA church would like to give to 80 students in the Maritime region. In order to do this, the Dekawowosime community Literacy and Training Centre needs books to strengthen their library collection.

Can you help? ADRA Togo is giving you the opportunity to support and sponsor this project by raising £500. Yes, just £500 will supply the Training and Literacy Centre with the collection of quality books and resources that they need to make this project a success. With this money the local SDA church will promote reading among the Training and Literacy Centre students through programmes over a 6-month period.

Why not help Togo to succeed by adopting this very achievable project today?!!

1718 - Women education programme

In many patriarchal societies, the status of women is considered subordinate to men. This, coupled with high rates of poverty mean that education, work and rights are usually given less importance for women. Within Togo this is the case in some communities and many women as a result are semi-illiterate and illiterate.

Through this 12 month project, ADRA Togo seek to improve the social status of 50 tradeswomen of the Hedzranawoe open market, by creating opportunities for them to acquire the literacy skills necessary to participate more fully within their communities. This will include ADRA Togo working with the local SDA church to implement the activities necessary to help these women to learn and acquire these essential skills, which perhaps many of us take for granted in our everyday lives.

Please help. ADRA Togo is appealing to you to help these women through this educational programme which will expand their horizons and participation within their communities. Through a donation of £3,000 you and your local church could make that practical difference to these women’s lives. It may take energy, creativity and dedication to raise these funds, but the impact of your sacrifice will go a long way in the lives of many. Why not take on the challenge?

1719 - Prevention of lifestyle related diseases

An abundance of research has been done, noting the benefits and perks of living a healthy lifestyle and abstaining from those foods which are detrimental to our health. The Adventist church is not short of TV shows, sermons, seminars and books about the ‘health message’ and the right ways to eat and drink in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With the many food ‘scandals’ that have taken place over the years, there is a higher demand for organic food, in the hope that it will benefit our bodies better. Yet, despite all of this information there remains the constant invitation from billboards and advertisements to eat junk food and indulge in foods rich in sugar, oil, salt and the like.

Lomé is the capital of the West African country of Togo. Within the Maritime region, an urban area, lifestyle related diseases are on the rise. From unhelpful practices to those that are leading to disease, the Togo SDA churches have seen a need that needs addressing. Because of their passion for the people in the Maritime region they have decided that something practical needs to be done. For 12 months ADRA Togo and the local Maritime SDA church plan to deliver workshops, seminars and other activities in order to promote a healthier lifestyle and prevent precious souls from being lost through unhelpful health practices. A key element of this project is to educate all those in the Maritime region on how better nutritional and lifestyle choices will promote well-being and overall better health. This project hopes to educate the community in effective ways that will cater to children as well as adults in order to promote awareness in children in order to prevent disease in the future.

So how much money is needed? With your help ADRA Togo and the local Maritime SDA church will be able to work together to help, promote and educate good health practices within Togo.

With a donation of £5,000 it is estimated that approximately 500 people will benefit from the workshops and activities, and if they each tell 1 person that is 1,000 more people making better health choices.

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