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Your own church project!

This is how it works!

(1) Select a project your church would like to support.

(2) Contact us for more details.

(3) We will assign the project to your church.

(4) We expect the full amount to be raised by your church in 6 - 12 months.

(5) Once we receive the funds the project will be implemented.

(6) Your church will receive a full report within 3 months after the completion of the project. This includes human interest stories, results and project expenditure.

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Further information

About the projects…..

This list of projects is intended for churches that would like to give expression to their social responsibility and help ADRA sponsor projects overseas. It is also for those churches who would like the challenge and the satisfaction of changing lives through collective fundraising.

A church would select a project – sign a commitment with ADRA-UK – and raise funds over an agreed period (between 6-12 months). Once the funds have been gathered they are transferred to ADRA-UK. We function as a go-between and will transfer 100% of the funds raised to the selected project (no deductions and we even pay for the international transfer). The projects can be implemented multiple times: e.g. more than one church can support a particular project.

If your church opts to select a project worth £5,000 and wants to raise that in 12 months that would be £400 per month or £100 per week.

Just flick through the catalogue, just like you would with any other, only this time you select projects rather than clothes and shoes!! Select the project your church would like to support and then contact us. We will provide you with more information and, where possible, help with providing some fundraising materials.

You could also partner together locally, internationally or decide to support projects by area. Let the fundraising begin!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Connect to people in need!

Help to make life changing impact in communities!

Connect church members!

Raise the funds needed in 6-12 months and see the impact your help makes!

Short term!

All our projects will be completed in 3 months,