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Our projects in Nepal

With its ancient culture and the Himalayas as a backdrop, landlocked Nepal was closed to the outside world until the 1950s.

Since then the country has seen the creation of a multi-party parliamentary system, a decade-long Maoist insurgency and the abolition of its monarchy.
Flanked by China and India, it is home to eight of the world's highest mountains including Mount Everest, known locally as Sagarmatha.

As one of the world's poorest countries, Nepal's economy relies heavily on aid and tourism.

A devastating earthquake in April 2015 killed thousands of people, flattened villages and reduced numerous heritage sites to ruin.

Since then political infighting has delayed much of the reconstruction despite billions of dollars having been pledged.

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1708 - School uniforms for vulnerable children

After suffering from 2 major earthquakes within the space of 2 weeks, Nepal has been through a number of challenges and is still recovering from these today. With thousands of homes, schools, libraries and other buildings being damaged, and many lives lost, many people have had to start rebuilding their lives all over again.

In a crisis such as this, women and children can be particularly vulnerable. Because of this, ADRA Nepal have made women and children the focus of their work. Due to the devastation, many families are trying to stabilise their children’s lives by restoring daily routines such as going to school. However, this is proving very difficult, as there are many children who no longer have school equipment and uniform. This is why ADRA Nepal needs your help. 

Schoolchildren are important to ADRA! In September 2015 and 2017 ADRA UK and its volunteers made trips to Nepal to help to relieve the suffering that many people are facing. In particular, they focused on rebuilding a school library for primary school children which had been destroyed during the earthquakes. Although their work will go a long way in helping the schoolchildren return to a somewhat normal life, more work is needed.

With the help of £500, ADRA Nepal could sponsor 25 children by providing them with a proper school uniform costing £20 each. Can you and your church help us? Why not join forces with another church to raise funds to help us to achieve our goal?

1709 - Give a goat to empower a family

Whenever crisis hits, women, children and the poor are always worst affected. Within 4 districts of Nepal, the communities of single parent families headed by women are especially struggling within the patriarchal society that they are living in. Additionally, those who do not own land are particularly vulnerable as they are more prone to starvation because they cannot cultivate their own food due to the damage caused to the land during the earthquakes.

Through a 2- year project, ADRA Nepal plans to work with a local organisation in order to supply single- parent families headed by women, as well as the poor, with a means of generating income. They will do this by supplying selected families with 2 goats. The reproduction of the goats will generate income for each family and will enable them to help another family by gifting them with 2 kid goats so that they can also earn an income. This project will also compliment the ELIVES project, which ADRA UK and ADRA Nepal are currently running in Nepal, which seeks to enhance the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

The focus of these 2 projects combined, is to meet the needs of the most marginalised communities in the country and help them to ‘cross the line’ out of poverty. Those who benefit from the project will be supported by the ELIVES project on technical aspects like shed building, feeding, vaccinations, and market chain value. As a result, they will also be able to increase their savings significantly and persistently, invest in the consumption of nutritious food and finance the education of their children. 

With your help in donating £1050 ADRA Nepal will be able to help at least 30 families directly and will benefit more than 90 families indirectly. Help ADRA to meet the needs of those in the highways and byways of society and help them to sustain their families.

Help us to help people like Sabina who was gifted with 2 goats by ADRA Nepal and testifies: “I owe everything that I have today to ADRA. They taught me activities that can generate revenue and lead me to be self-sustained.”

1710 - Educating girls = educated mothers

“I am Rabina Thapa from Kathmandu.  I passed the SLC exam from Khokana Jana Secondary School. My father is a plumber and he earns a mere sum of money and the family has to depend on his income.  We have a small piece of land and we produce crops which are sufficient only for three months. Due to a limited source of income and low earnings, my parents can’t afford educational materials for us.  I received assistance to continue my education from ADRA Nepal.  ADRA Nepal provided me with educational materials regularly from grade 1 up to 12. I had to buy nothing else which has lessened the economic burden of my parents. The scholarship program and assistance inspired me to work hard and excel in my capacities and the expectation of my parents.  I passed the SLC exam in 1st division with 75.7 percentages.”

Rabina is one of the few girls within Nepal who has been able to pursue an education thanks to ADRA Nepal. However, the struggle of living in poverty coupled with the view that girls’ education is not considered important in comparison to boys’ education, makes life particularly difficult for girls within Nepal. With high numbers of orphans and extremely poor people due to the aftermath of the earthquakes, ADRA Nepal are aware that gender, ethnicity and caste make women in particular,  more vulnerable and sidelined within society. This is why ADRA Nepal have decided to focus on practically supporting the education of 200 vulnerable school girls.

Through scholarship support, ADRA Nepal will select girls from the underprivileged and low caste groups within the targeted communities. With the help of £5,000 they will provide 200 female students with: registration and tuition fees for 1 year, 2 sets of school uniform, 1 pair of shoes, 2 pairs of socks, school stationary, textbooks, notebooks and a school bag.   Overall, this project will hope to benefit a total of 440 children, parents and school teachers. Most importantly, it will give young females a chance to have a better future and a hope within Nepal.

ADRA Nepal needs you! You and your local church are being given the unique opportunity to join with ADRA Nepal to provide 200 young females a chance to excel just like Rabina. Through the contribution of £5,000 you could help and empower more young girls like Rabina to be able to say “My heartfelt thanks to ADRA for supporting me and paving a path towards a bright future.” 

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