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Our project in Chad

A largely semi-desert country, Chad is rich in gold and uranium and stands to benefit from its recently-acquired status as an oil-exporting state.

Chad's post-independence history has been marked by instability and violence, stemming mostly from tension between the mainly Arab-Muslim north and the predominantly Christian and animist south.

Chad became an oil-producing nation in 2003, with the completion of a $4bn pipeline linking its oilfields to terminals on the Atlantic coast.

However, Africa's fifth-largest nation suffers from inadequate infrastructure, and internal conflict. Poverty is rife, and health and social conditions compare unfavourably with those elsewhere in the region.

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1707 - Sustainable Water and Sanitation for 20,000 people

The Republic of Chad is a country home to approximately 13 million people. The effects of being a Least Developed Country means that Chad does not make a lot of money internally and therefore life expectancy, human resources and standards of living are considerably low for many. Access to clean water is one of the essential resources that are extremely limited for the majority; this has led to a high number of water borne diseases, and in some cases death. One of the main reasons for this limited access to water is the inequality between the rich and the poor and whether you are located in the rural or urban areas.

Over the course of 3 months, this project will aim to reduce the spread of water- related diseases by providing approximately 20,000 people with long-term access to clean water to improve the quality of life for all. This project also seeks to promote inclusive health for all regardless of location, gender or financial status. According to UNICEF, 60,000 children worldwide die everyday from poor sanitation and unclean water.  Therefore, ADRA Chad, along with supplying clean water, will work with approximately 4,000 primary school students to raise awareness on good hand washing, and other hygienic practices in order to reduce disease.

Can you help us? In order to help save the lives of 20,000 plus people from preventable diseases, ADRA needs your help.  With your help and efforts to raise £5,000 ADRA will be able to increase access to clean water by thousands of people and reach those who are most in need. So, together with your local church, social groups, etc. you could fundraise and help make a lifetime difference to those in Chad. Why not check out our page for ideas: 

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